NewHaven.io is a group of talented and passionate individuals living, working, and creating in the New Haven area. We aspire to…

  • organize events around business and technology
  • unite like-minded individuals in the area
  • foster a culture of creation and experimentation
  • create a stronger tech and startup minded community in New Haven
  • partner with other organizations to achieve these goals
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The Board
Henry QuinnPresidentHenry chose computers as a career after writing tools to get through high school calculus. After cutting his teeth on PHP 5 building web apps for the federal judiciary, he’s now a DevOps engineer who enjoys process automation in the name of better developer experience. When he’s not turning coffee into tools or organizing things for IO, he’s usually rock climbing, cooking, or rooting for the Packers.
Josh LevinsonSocial Organization & Moral SupportJosh Levinson studied Computer Science in college and despite the results, continues to work with computers to this day. He writes Ruby on Rails for a New Haven-based company, as well as performs comedy all over the tri-state area (mostly Connecticut, if we're being honest). He loves riding bikes, playing video games, and starting pointless arguments and then leaving before it gets ugly.
Tom ReznickTreasurerTom Reznick is an Engineer who works on the Data Team at Heroku. He believes code should be clean, architecture and design should be elegant, tests should be well thought out and purposeful, and that software should be made with love, trust, and empathy. He enjoys karaoke, cooking, good beer, better cheese, and being a dad. That list is not in priority order.
Ben MidyetteEvent ManagementBen is a tech enthusiast and a generalist by nature, spending most of his time absorbed in weekly fleeting interests. He loves bicycling and being outside during the warmer months, retreating indoors to learn, code, and game during the colder ones. He's interested in seeing New Haven grow with the tech industry and become a better place for everyone.

About Us

We are a 501(c)(6) non-profit self-managed by volunteers.

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