Welcome to newhaven.io

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newhaven.io is...

  • connecting and supporting New Haven’s technology community
  • self-managed by volunteers (and always looking for more!)
  • a 501(c)(6) non-profit
  • about tech. all tech. your tech.
How can we help you?

If you’re a developer:

  • Community (socials)
  • Grow: A chance to learn, to mentor, to present
  • Network: find a new team, a new teammate, or a co-founder

If you’re a local software meetup group:

  • Wider outreach, visibility
  • Access to meeting spaces
  • Logistical help

If you’re a software company:

  • Recruiting, hiring
  • A way for your employees to grow and learn

If you’re an entrepreneur:

  • Sponsor a meetup (usually between $300-$500), and we’ll let you pitch to the developers.