Building the New SeeClickFix Website

By Max Antonucci
Oct 24, 2017

See the new SeeClickFix homepage and corporate website? These are snippets behind the more interesting or challenging parts that’ll catch your eye when you visit.

Clean-up Code with Duck-Typing

By Devin Weaver
Oct 10, 2017

Code can be complicated and dirty. We use tokens to help manage the complexity and bundle cognitive load into neat little packages so we have more room to think about the bigger problems. In this blog post I describe how to clean up some Ember.JS code to help reduce the complexity.

How to Make an Anime Newsletter

By Max Antonucci
Jul 30, 2017

For my first web project that wasn’t a website, I broke down a goal that involved Node, scheduled functions, the Twitter API, and a feed of anime wallpapers.

Four Tips for Using Sass Variables

By Max Antonucci
Dec 14, 2016
Sass variables help keep your CSS efficient and flexible, but they're more complex than you may think. These are four basic tips to get the most from your Sass variables.

Creating a Title Banner in Jekyll

By Max Antonucci
Oct 26, 2016

Today there’s lots of popular front-end patterns: the off-canvas menu, cards, flexbox media objects, just to name a few. One of the most popular I’ve seen, and am still seeing more of, is what I call the “Title Banner” (I apologize if there’s a more official name out there I didn’t find). It’s popular for very good reasons and many devs will find it useful. This is a quick tutorial on making one for a Jekyll site.